Elfina Luk was born to Chinese parents in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her mother from Shanghai and her father from Canton - they met in Hong Kong and eventually made their way to Canada. Growing up in a Chinese speaking home (Cantonese, Shanghainese and occasionally Mandarin) has been a strong asset to Luk and her career as an actor.

Luk enjoyed acting at an early age and found her way into film and television after a stint in broadcasting where Luk quickly landed her first job - a recurring role on Canada’s own “Da Vinci City Hall (2005).”  Luk continued to land roles in notable American TV productions such as Warner Bros’ “Smallville (2005),” and HBO’s “The L Word (2006),” in addition to other early credits including sharing screen time with Linda Hamilton from “The Terminator (1984)” in “Home By Christmas (2006).”

Early in Luk’s career, she adorned an eccentric hairstyle of dreadlocks, which typecast her as edgy and a non-conventional “ethnic” type. This worked in Luk’s favour when she landed a leading role as Suzanne (described as with wild hair) in the independent sci-fi feature “Helix (filmed in 2008 with late release in 2015).”

In 2009, after cutting off her dreadlocks for a fundraiser and landing a recurring role on “The Guard” (2009), Luk broke out of her edgy characters typecast and established a reputation for herself as a strong and serious talent. Luk also spent her time with walk-on parts on various other television shows and eventually made her first appearance on the big screen with a bit part in Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart’s romantic comedy “Love Happens (2009).”

Having come from a entrepreneurial background, it was around this time when Luk decided to make use of her business sense and make her way into producing as one third of 3 Winds Production.  As executive producer, co-writer, and actor, she helped bring to life “The Jim (2009),” a comedic web series that chronicles the day to day hijinks at a gym. Luk lended her comedic chops to the show as the character named Lucky, a personal trainer with a gambling addiction and a burning desire for bald men.

After filming “The Runner (2013),” a quick paced web series with Luk playing the female lead as smart techy girl Jin, Luk took some personal time to start a family.

Nearly two years later, Luk returned to TV and indie films landing small roles including director Karen Lam’s short film “Chiral (2015).” Luk would later go on to star in Lam’s second feature film “The Curse of Willow Song (2018).” (Trivia: So far, on all projects Luk has worked on with Lam, her characters have adorned long and exaggerated nails of black or red in color.)

Returning to her roots, Luk lent her various language skills to multiple productions including “Snakehead (2009),” a short film by award winning director-writers Clif Prowse and Derek Lee. Luk and Lee would reunite later to develop multiple new projects. This trilingual edge further propelled Luk into a category of her own as she was able to utilize all three languages (English, Cantonese and Mandarin) in a leading role as ‘Anna Xie’ on Rogers’ and OMNI’s original crime drama series “Blood and Water (2015)” in which Luk received a Leo Awards nomination for Best Supporting Performance and a hard earned boost for her career.

The next few years saw Luk continue her steady television work on shows including “Lucifer (2016),” “Zoo (2017),” “The Good Doctor (2017),” “Supernatural (2017),” “iZombie (2018),” “You Me Her (2018)” and “The 100 (2018).” Among these, Luk also worked on Netflix’s biggest budgeted pilot episode in TV history, “Altered Carbon (2018)” directed by Emmy Award winning director Miguel Sapochnik and starring Joel Kinnaman (“Suicide Squad”).

On top of all that,  Luk then landed the guest star role of Dr. Helen Nguyen on “Hit the Road (2017)” that would find Luk reigniting her comedic chops working directly across from legendary comedian Jason Alexander.

In 2017, Luk produced and directed alongside long time friend Andy Chu a 360 virtual reality short film “Birthday Party (2017).”  Having long harboured aspirations to direct one day, this gave Luk a good taste of what was to come when she co-produced and directed the comedy pilot “Thin Walls (2018).”

Luk returned to the big screen alongside Ron Livingston in director Jason Reitman’s and Charlize Theron’s comedy “Tully (2018)” written by Diablo Cody who had won multiple awards for “Juno (2007)” which was also directed by Reitman.

Luk reunited with Livingston in the second season of his dark comedy “Loudermilk” (2018) as Brooke, a sex addict who is drawn to Livingston’s character Sam Loudermilk.

It wasn’t long after that Luk would once again find herself utilizing her language skills to land a major supporting role on the big screen alongside Neve Campbell in Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment’s hostage action thriller “Skyscraper (2018)” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson - written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (“Dodgeball,” “We’re the Millers,” and “Central Intelligence”). Luk played her role speaking in both Cantonese and English. The film was set to be released in both the US and China.

Luk is a versatile, talented, and driven actor for film, TV, and voice. She also produces and has been known as a singer-songwriter.  Luk says “there is no end to learning and growing,” and plans to be actively contributing her creativity and business savviness to the entertainment industry for as long as she can. She attributes many of her career successes to her ability to speak multiple languages and is grateful to be able to showcase her heritage and Chinese background through her work.

Luk enjoys spending time with her family in nature with outdoor activities but her favourite pastime is cuddling with those she loves while watching an epic film. She is married and has one daughter. Luk often honours her 14 year old Labrador Retriever named Ginger who is now passed. Luk prefers strength training and martial arts for exercise but is always up for something active.

“I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have a career that allows me to honour my creativity.  To connect to one person through a character or a song and let them know that they’re not alone in their experiences - that is the ultimate goal with my art.  Of course, it’s also nice to make people laugh.” ~ Elfina Luk

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