Elfina Luk is an artist - actress, voiceover actor and singer songwriter.  She enjoyed being in front of the camera at an early age, finding her way into the film and television roles after a stint in Broadcasting.  Upon making this transition, Elfina quickly landed her first acting job - a recurring role on Canada’s own “Da Vinci City Hall” alongside American Actor and Director Charles Martin Smith.  Elfina continued to land roles in notable American productions such as  “Smallville”, “The L Word” and “Blade: The Series.”  In feature films, Elfina has shared screen-time with Aaron Eckhart in “Love Happens,” Linda Hamilton in “Home By Christmas” Rena Sofer in “The Secret of Hidden Lake” and John Corbett in “The Hunt for the I-5 Killer.”

With a few jobs under her belt, Elfina has established a reputation for herself as a strong talent.  In 2008 she was kept busy with a recurring role on Global’s “The Guard” as Coast Guard Cadet Steffi Chow.  She juggled her time on “The Guard” with a lead role in the soon to be released independent sci-fi feature “The Helix.” 

With a Chinese background, Elfina speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin and has had the good fortune to play roles in both dialects, including Nickelodeon’s “Best Player.”

In 2009, Elfina made her way into producing as one third of 3 Winds Production.  As Executive Producer, Co-Writer and Actor, she helped bring to life “The Jim” a comedy web series that chronicles the day to day hijinks at a gym.  Elfina plays “Lucky” a personal trainer with a gambling addiction and a burning desire for bald men.  Season one is online at

Elfina continues to have many projects on the go that allows her to extend her talent and expertise as an Actor, Producer and Writer. Elfina believes that there is no end to learning and growing and plans to be actively contributing her creativity to the arts for a long time to come.

When she’s not busy with Film and TV projects, Elfina enjoys spending time singing, songwriting and playing guitar.  Her favourite place to do this is on the beach in the company of Ginger, her Labrador Retriever.  She trains regularly in martial arts working towards her black belt.   To maintain balance in her life, Elfina journeys on a spiritual path through meditation and different forms of energy work.  

“I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have a career that allows me to honour my creativity.  To connect to one person through a character or a song and let them know that they’re not alone in their experiences - that is the ultimate goal with my art.  Of course, it’s also nice to make people laugh.”         ~ Elfina Luk

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